How To Make Him Miss You

How To Make Him Miss You Crazy: 7 Sneaky Mind Hacks To Get Him Obsessed

How To Make Him Miss You
How To Make Him Miss You

Do you want to make your man miss you like crazy? Are you looking for ways to get him obsessed with you, like when you first started dating? This guide will teach you 7 powerful psychological tricks that trigger intense feelings of attraction, longing, and even obsession in a man. With these sneaky mind hacks, you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

Why Men Pull Away And How To Bring Him Back

It's frustrating when a man who once showered you with affection suddenly pulls away and acts distant. But there IS a way to get him to pursue you again! See, men are wired differently than women. They subconsciously go through phases in a relationship: from pursuit to connection to complacency. When they hit that complacency stage, they take you for granted and pull back. Luckily, you can flip the script and make him chase you again by strategically triggering his hero instinct. The hero instinct is a biological drive men have to provide for and protect women. When you make him feel needed, he'll step up and invest in the relationship again. Here's how:

  • Give him space. Don't smother him or demand constant attention. Let him have guy time and do his own thing sometimes. He'll appreciate you more.
  • Make him work for your time. Don't always be available at the drop of a hat. Politely decline invitations occasionally or say you're busy. He'll value your time more if he has to earn it.
  • Ask for help with little things. Requests like helping plan dates or fix stuff around your place make him feel useful. It satisfies his innate desire to take care of you.
  • Compliment him. Praise his appearance, skills, or accomplishments. Men rarely get compliments so it'll boost his confidence and make him crave more of your positive attention.

Create Distance To Build Desire

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially for men. Creating more space and less contact will build his desire for you and make him miss what he can't have. It's human nature to value things more when they're scarce or unattainable. Here are some tips:

  • Stop initiating contact. Don't always be the one to call, text, or make plans. Let him step up and pursue you. He'll wonder why you're not giving him attention and start to miss it.
  • Decline invitations. Say you're busy if he asks you out. Don't always say yes or drop everything for him. It'll pique his interest when you're not always available.
  • Take a trip. Get out of town for a weekend without him. Post fun pics on social media looking happy and carefree. He'll wish he was there with you.
  • Don't have sex. Abstain for a while and he'll crave the physical intimacy. Use the built-up desire to strengthen your bond.
  • Limit communication. Don't respond to texts immediately or pick up every call. Keep convos shorter than usual. The less you talk, the more he'll look forward to connecting.
    How To Make Him Miss You
    How To Make Him Miss You

Make Him Jealous (But Not Too Much)

Making a man a teensy bit jealous is an effective way to get him to miss you, as long as you don't overdo it. When he sees you're desired by other men, it triggers his competitive nature and fear of loss. A dose of jealousy reminds him not to take you for granted. But be careful - too much jealousy can backfire. Here's how to walk that fine line:

  • Mention an attractive stranger. Subtly point out if another man checks you out. It'll get your guy thinking "if I don't appreciate her, someone else will."
  • Talk about male friends/colleagues. Discuss fun plans with them - no need to pretend they don't exist! But don't talk about them too much.
  • Post alluring (not risque) photos. Classy pics showing you looking hot and happy will draw his attention and make him proud to call you his girl.
  • Go out more. Hit the town with friends for ladies' night and share pics of you living it up. He'll wish he was out with you.
  • Flirt back lightly. If a man compliments or chats you up, smile and conversate briefly. But avoid overly flirty body language and don't give your number.

Increase Your Value

When your man sees how desired and high-value you are, he'll feel lucky to have you and be more motivated to lock you down. Make him realize your worth by showcasing your best self. Here are some ideas:

  • Pursue your passions. Dive into hobbies, interests and career goals you're genuinely excited about. Your happiness and confidence will be magnetic.
  • Hang with friends. Spend time with people who energize and inspire you. Your fulfillment will show and he'll want to be a part of it.
  • Update your look. Get a new haircut, invest in flattering clothes, or experiment with makeup. When you look good, you feel good.
  • Learn new skills. Challenge yourself by taking a class, reading more, or joining a club. Growth and self-improvement are hugely attractive.
  • Post social media updates. Give glimpses into your vibrant social life and activities. He'll see how in-demand you are.

Have An Amazing Life Without Him

The more fun and adventure you're having without your man, the more FOMO he'll have and the more he'll miss you. He wants to feel like he's your whole world...but make sure he knows you have a full, exciting life outside of him too. Here are some ideas:

  • Take trips. Visit new places, with or without friends. Post pics highlighting how much fun you're having. He'll wish he was exploring the world with you.
  • Try new activities. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Skydiving, hiking, pole dancing doesn't matter as long as you're growing.
  • Focus on friendships. Nurture the relationships that matter most and spend quality time with your inner circle. Your happiness will show.
  • Crush your career. Dive into work projects you feel passionate about. Success is sexy and you'll gain confidence.
  • Indulge in self-care. Take relaxing bubble baths, get massages, or read an inspiring book. When you feel recharged, your joy will be obvious.

Give Him A Taste And Pull Back

The push-pull technique creates a rollercoaster of emotions that gets him hooked. After a period of distance, give him just a taste of your company, affection, or intimacy to get him wanting more. Then pull back again and leave him craving you. Here are some examples:

  • After a week apart, invite him over for a home-cooked meal but don't sleep together.
  • Send a flirty text letting him know you're thinking of him. Then go silent again.
  • Meet up for coffee to catch up. But keep it short and leave before he's had his fill of you.
  • Compliment his appearance and casually touch his arm, then withdraw and act indifferent.

The hot-cold dynamic will intrigue him and make him think about you nonstop. He'll be wondering "What's she thinking? Why is she holding back? What do I need to do to win her over?" This puts you firmly in the driver's seat.

Make Your Time Together Magical

When you rarely see each other, you want to make every moment count. Create memories he'll obsess over in your absence. Plan special dates, dazzle him in the bedroom, and be fully present (no phone!). Here are some ideas:

  • Book his favorite table at a restaurant and surprise him with a gift "just because"
  • Light candles and give him a sexy massage with scented oils
  • Cook his favorite meal and ask thoughtful questions over dinner
  • Hold his gaze when you speak and really listen attentively
  • Initiate affection like stroking his face and give him your full attention
  • Try something adventurous in the bedroom like roleplaying or a sexy game
  • Whisper in his ear how much you enjoy and appreciate him

These thoughtful gestures will make him feel special. The rarer these moments are, the more impactful they'll be. He'll be head over heels dreaming about your next rendezvous.

Know When To Stop

While making him miss you can work wonders, you don't want to overdo it. If you create too much distance or make him overly jealous, your bond could backfire. Here are signs you may need to dial it back:

  • He starts acting cold, passive-aggressive, or spiteful
  • His eyes wander to other women more noticeably
  • He stops initiating contact for long periods
  • He pulls away from intimacy or asks for a "break"
  • You feel insecure, anxious, or depressed

If you notice these issues arising, have an open and honest talk about your needs and relationship expectations. The goal is a healthy balance of closeness and independence - not driving him away!

The takeaway? With the right balance of attention and aloofness, you can make that man miss you like crazy. Use these psychological mind tricks to get him obsessed and devoted for the long haul. Bring out his inner Romeo by making him work for your affections. Do this, and he'll be smitten and committed before you know it. Now go forth and make him fall head over heels all over again!

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