Top Narcissist Memes That’ll Have You LOL-Ing

The Hilarious Narcissist Memes You Need to See Right Now


Top Narcissist Memes That’ll Have You LOL-Ing
Top Narcissist Memes That’ll Have You LOL-Ing

Narcissists - we all know one. The self-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, empathy-lacking creatures that seemingly live only to prop up their own egos. Dealing with a narcissist's grandiose delusions and constant need for validation can be frustrating and even infuriating. However, sometimes the best way to cope with their antics is to just laugh about it. That's where narcissist memes come in!

These hilarious memes perfectly capture the essence of narcissistic behaviors and attitudes. They poke fun at the narcissist's inflated sense of self, lack of self-awareness, and uncanny ability to make everything about them. With their wit and relatability, the best narcissist memes will have you literally laughing out loud in recognition.

In this blog post, we've rounded up some of the very best narcissist memes that brilliantly mock their eccentricities. Get ready to see your narcissist's antics in a whole new hilarious light!

Memes Mocking Narcissists' Grandiosity and Ego

One of the most defining traits of narcissists is their inflated, grandiose sense of self. They have an obsessive need to be seen as superior and often behave as if they are the most important person in the room. Narcissists see themselves as highly intelligent, accomplished, and physically attractive - even if there is little evidence to support these self-perceptions.

Many hilarious memes play up the narcissist's undeservedly high self-regard and ego-driven behaviors:

The Narcissist's View of Themselves

A meme showing a majestic lion with a flowing mane compared to a scraggly alley cat with the caption "How narcissists see themselves vs how everyone else sees them" perfectly encapsulates the disconnect between a narcissist's self-view and reality. Their ego and confidence exist in stark contrast to their actual mediocrity.

Narcissist Logic

A meme showing a person struggling to fit a square peg into a round hole contains the quote "I'm not wrong. It must be the peg's fault." This brilliantly sums up the narcissist's tendency to blame others rather than accept responsibility when their actions clearly aren't working. Rather than adjust their behavior, it's someone else's fault.

I'm The Most Humble Person Ever

An image of a man smugly pointing to himself with the caption "I'm the most humble person you'll ever meet, just ask me!" humorously conveys how narcissists lack self-awareness about their own arrogance. Their boastful claims directly contradict the actual meaning of humility.

Riding Off Into the Sunset

A meme picturing a man riding a horse into the sunset carries the words "My ego leaving my body after I slightly succeeded in something." This captures the narcissist's tendency to let any small success dramatically inflate their sense of self and accomplishmen. One win feeds their bloated ego for weeks.

Top Narcissist Memes That’ll Have You LOL-Ing
Top Narcissist Memes That’ll Have You LOL-Ing

King of Exaggeration

An illustration of a tiny fish staring up at a bare fishing hook morphs into a giant mythical sea monster in the next frame. The captions read "What actually happened" and "How narcissists tell the story." Narcissists love embellishing stories to cast themselves in an unrealistically grand light.

Memes Making Fun of Narcissists' Lack of Empathy

In addition to an inflated ego, narcissists universally suffer from a lack of empathy. They are unable to relate to others' perspectives and feelings. Their relationships are often one-sided with little genuine interest in their partners' lives.

Many memes humorously highlight the narcissist's deficiency in seeing someone else's point of view:

I See No Issue Here

A meme with two panels shows a distressed person attempting to share their problems with a smiling, oblivious narcissist who responds "But enough about you, let's talk about me!" This captures how self-involved narcissists ignore others' difficulties and steer every conversation back to themselves.

Selective Hearing

An illustration depicts a narcissist with a thought bubble that says "I deeply care about your feelings" while the other person is speaking. In the next panel, when the other person stops talking, the narcissist's thought bubble changes to "Anyways..." Narcissists pretend to care but their minds wander when it's not about them.

Trauma Olympics

A meme shows the classic podium with two people receiving gold and silver medals for trauma while a jealous narcissist stands off to the side. The caption reads "Narcissists when someone else's trauma gets recognized." Narcissists resent attention going to others' suffering rather than getting validation themselves.

Invalidating Problems

An image conveys a narcissist responding to someone opening up about their depression with "But I'm not depressed..." Narcissists lack the empathy to respond supportively to others' difficulties that don't directly relate to themselves.

Crocodile Tears

A meme depicts a crocodile crying large, obviously insincere tears. The caption reads "Narcissists whenever they have to pretend to care about your feelings." Narcissists may feign empathy and sadness, but their reactions are superficial and transparent.

Memes about Needing Attention and Validation

At the core of many narcissists is an extreme need for attention and external validation. They crave being in the spotlight and receiving endless praise and admiration. Many memes humorously convey the narcissist's obsessive need to be noticed:

Give Me Compliments

An illustration shows a woman fishing for compliments saying "Omg I'm so uglyyy" while the man responds "Here we go again." Narcissists fish for praise under the guise of false modesty.

Spotlight Hog

A meme depicts a group of animals on a stage with one narcissistic hippo dominating the performance and pushing the others out of the way. The caption reads "Every group project." Narcissists can't stand when attention is on anyone but them.

Addicted to Likes

An image shows a sweaty and panicked man repeatedly hitting the refresh icon with the caption "Narcissists waiting for more likes on their selfie." Narcissists have an addict-like obsession with external validation through social media.

Compliment Vending Machine

A meme depicts a narcissist inserting compliments into a vending machine as money to dispense a beverage labeled "Validation." This conveys how narcissists view superficial flattery from others as currency to quench their thirst for praise.

Excessive Reactions

A meme shows a person responding to a small compliment by crying, passing out, texting everyone they know, calling their mom, and scheduling a parade. The caption simply reads "Narcissists after receiving a minor compliment." Their reactions are comically over-the-top.


These top-notch memes provide the perfect comic relief when dealing with a narcissist's tiresome antics. By poking fun at their grandiose delusions, lack of empathy, and excessive need for validation, these memes transform frustration into laughter. So next time your narcissist is making everything about them, fishing for compliments, or ignoring your feelings, just pull up these hilarious memes for a much-needed chuckle. Because sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying!

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