Social Media Red Flags In Relationships: Signs To Watch Out For

Social Media Red Flags You're Ignoring In Your Relationship: 11 Subtle Signs To Watch Out For

Social Media Red Flags In Relationships: Signs To Watch Out For
Social Media Red Flags In Relationships: Signs To Watch Out For

Social media can be a great way to connect with your partner and share your relationship with others. However, it can also reveal some red flags about your relationship if you know what to look out for. In this blog post, we will explore some of the subtle social media signs that could indicate deeper issues in your romantic relationship. Being aware of these potential red flags can help you address problems early and improve your chances of having a healthy, lasting bond with your significant other.

1. They Never Post About You on Social Media

If your partner is active on social media but doesn't post about you, it could suggest they are trying to keep your relationship private for some reason. Of course, not everyone likes to share their personal life online, so an occasional post from them is understandable. However, if they frequently post updates about other things in their life but leave you out entirely, it raises questions.

Do they not see a future with you and don't want to go public? Are they trying to appear single to other potential romantic interests? While there could be other explanations, a complete lack of acknowledgement of your relationship on their social channels is suspicious. Gently communicating with your partner about this can reveal if it's something that needs to be addressed in your relationship or not.

2. Their Relationship Status is "It's Complicated"

Today, many people use their social media relationship status as a way to broadcast their current romantic situation. If your significant other has left their status as "It's Complicated" for months on end, it's worth examining further. This vague status leaves the door open for other romantic prospects to make advances under the assumption that they are potentially available.

While they may just have an aversion to labels or sharing their personal life online, the "It's Complicated" status while in a supposedly committed relationship can signify issues with emotional availability, commitment, or even the possibility of other romantic interests. It's crucial to discuss changing the status to "In a Relationship" if you both want to be publicly known as a couple. The refusal to do so warrants a deeper look at what is causing the reluctance.

3. Their Ex Keeps Popping Up in Their Feeds and Stories

We all have a past, and social media makes it easier for old relationships to come back into the picture. If your partner's ex continually likes, comments on, or is tagged in their posts, it could indicate lingering attachments. The digital world makes it easier to lurk and keep tabs on an ex, even if the relationship is long over.

While accidental run-ins can happen, frequent interactions with an ex are concerning. It shows your partner may still be seeking validation from this person or keeping them in their orbit. Especially if your partner downplays the exchanges or hides them from you, it points to them having one foot still in the past. Bringing this pattern to their attention can illuminate if boundaries with exes need to be revisited.

Social Media Red Flags In Relationships: Signs To Watch Out For
Social Media Red Flags In Relationships: Signs To Watch Out For

4. Their Social Media Habits Change Drastically When You're Together

Has your new boo always been glued to their phone, only to suddenly leave it untouched for hours when with you? Do they now switch their phone screen away when receiving texts in your presence? Dramatic shifts in social media habits, especially increased secrecy, are red flags of potential cheating or inappropriate communications with others.

Your new partner may have genuine reasons for wanting to be more present during your dates, like cultivating intimacy. However, if their social media secrecy feels pronounced, take note. They may be hiding communications, app notifications, or even entire accounts from you. Listen to your intuition if their digital activity feels off.

5. You Catch Them Lurking on Their Ex's Profiles

It's one thing to stumble upon an ex's profile in your feed every now and then. It's another to be habitually lurking on their page, checking in on their pictures, and keeping continuous tabs. If you catch your partner doing social media "drive-bys" of their ex's profiles, it's worth a conversation.

Seeing an ex thriving or in a new relationship can bring up natural curiosity for some. However, if it's happening frequently enough that you're noticing the pattern, it could mean they are having trouble letting go. Gently bring up what you've observed and see if they are still working through the relationship ending. If they are evasive or defensive, that's a red flag of its own.

6. You're Blocked From Seeing Certain Posts and Stories

Social media snooping can be controversial, but most couples in committed relationships have open access to each other's profiles and posts. If your partner specifically blocks you from certain content they share, that warrants suspicion.

Of course, everyone deserves some privacy. Maybe your partner wants to vent to friends out of your purview or share an embarrassing story just to certain groups. But habitually blocking you from large portions of posts, stories, and other content is fishy. This suggests they have parts of their social media life that are off limits to you, which rarely bodes well.

7. Their Relationship History Doesn't Line Up With Their Posts

Lies and half truths are bad enough in person, but they can be especially obvious on social media. When what your partner tells you about their past relationships doesn't match up with their digital footprint, consider it a red flag.

Maybe they said their last relationship ended mutually years ago, but their ex is all over their recent posts. Or they claimed they were single for a long time, but their profile tells a different story. Questionable relationship history is a big indicator of potential dishonesty. Always trust the social media receipts over whatever narrative they spin.

8. Their Online Persona is Totally Different from Reality

At the start of a relationship, it's normal to put your best foot forward online and in person. However, if you've been together for a while and their social media persona still doesn't match who they are, take note. Does your partner present themselves as single, wild, and adventurous online, but you know they are homebodies? Or are they actually more boring and muted in real life than their exaggerated, extra online personality?

Having a heavily fabricated social media identity that diverges from reality is concerning. It shows your partner is not comfortable presenting their real self to the world. It also suggests they may be using social channels for ego boosts, attention, or even infidelity. Pay attention if their online/offline split feels inauthentic.

9. They Follow or Like Provocative Accounts

In the era of Instagram models and viral thirst traps, a little wanderlust on social media is almost unavoidable. However, if your partner is constantly liking and interacting with sexually suggestive accounts, it's worth discussing. Passively scrolling past racy content is one thing, but actively following, commenting on, and liking these accounts regularly crosses a line for most committed relationships.

Lurking on these accounts can signal your partner is craving validation or sexual attention outside of your relationship. It can also be the first step toward more inappropriate direct communications and emotional or physical affairs. If this habit bothers you, highlight specific examples and explain the impact on you. Their reaction will determine if it's harmless or a red flag.

10. They Befriend Your Friends and Family Very Quickly

While it's great for your new boo to take an interest in your life and loved ones, social media can accelerate this at an unhealthy pace. If your new partner immediately starts following all of your closest friends and family members, it could be a red flag. Similarly, being eager to tag along on visits to your hometown and connect with old acquaintances is moving very fast.

Rushing to integrate themselves with your loved ones via social media and in real life hints at underlying attachment or control issues. Healthy partners will let these relationships progress gradually and organically. Make sure to communicate your preferred timelines and boundaries around integrating your social circles.

11. Their Social Media Habits Make You Uncomfortable

At the end of the day, even small social media behaviors can feel disrespectful based on your personal boundaries. If anything your partner does on social media rubs you the wrong way, bring it up to them clearly and promptly. Don't downplay your feelings or try to be the "cool girlfriend/boyfriend."

Explain specifically what they do that bothers you, and why. If they respond defensively or refuse to modify habits that threaten the relationship, that reveals their priorities. You deserve a partner who will care about your comfort and adjust their digital life accordingly. Don't ignore social media red flags - address them head on before the underlying issues grow.

Social media offers a window into our relationships and priorities. While not every concerning behavior on social channels spells doom, ignoring glaring red flags can allow issues to fester. Being aware of potential problems lets you address them early, hopefully before they do irreparable damage. Ultimately, honest and open communication gives you the best chance to get your relationship back on solid ground.

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