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Rohingya crisis paragraph
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Rohingya Crisis

★ Rohingya crisis (সংকট) means(বুঝায়) the Rohingya refugees (শরণার্থী) of Myanmar living in Bangladesh. Almost seven lakh Rohingya people have fled(পালানো) to Bangladesh. Racial discriminating (জাতিগত বৈষম্য) is the main cause of Rohingya crisis. Now it has become a fatal (মারাত্মক) problem in the world.

★ The Rohingya are ethnic group of Myanmar. Most of them are Muslims. The have been living for centuries(শতাব্দী) in Arakan state of Myanmar. They speak in a dialect (উপভাষা) known as Rohingya or Ruaingga.
★ The Rohingya are the most afflicted (নির্যাতিত) people in the world. They are suppressed (নির্যাতিত) and oppressed (নিপীড়িত) by the Bermese government and security force. They are deprived (বঞ্চিত) of basic needs. They have no citizenship (নাগরিকত্ব) and voting power(ভোটাধিকার) . Myanmar Buddhists think that Rohingya are Bengali. However, they lead a miserable (শোচননীয়) condition in Myanmar.

★There are almost (প্রায়) half million Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. They are living by making camps in many districts of Bangladesh. Most of them are still (এখনও) unregistered(অনিবন্ধিত). Bangladesh has tried to protect them by offering food, water, shelter, medicine and treatment. For this reason, (এইজন্য) Bangladesh is praised (প্রসংশিত) by all.

★ The UN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have criticized (সমালোচনা করা) the treatment (আচরণ) of Rohingya by Myanmar and neighbouring (প্রতিবেশী) countries. The Bangladesh government has called for Myanmar to return the refugees but they have denied (অস্বীকার করা). If the problem is going on, Bangladesh will face some unexpected (অপ্রত্যাশিত) problems. So, Bangladesh should solve Rohingya crisis as soon as possible. .
প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থীবৃন্দ, এটা মুলত composition আকারে লিখলাম। তবে para/gap গুলো বাদ দিলে(একএে) , paragraph এ লেখা যাবে। written by Md. Shadekul Islam (Shadik)
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